Wake Up, Mama!

Wake up, Mama!

Mama can’t wake up, baby.
I don’t know how.

Look at me, Mama!

Mama can’t see you, baby.
My vision blurs beholding your brilliant light.

Listen to me, Mama!

Mama can’t hear you, baby.
There’s too much noise to absorb your symphony of sounds.

Hold me, Mama!

Mama can’t feel you, baby.
In my arms, you are still too far away to touch.

Smell me, Mama!

Mmmm. You smell sweet, baby.
Just lie here with Mama while I breathe you in.

Play with me, Mama!

Mama can’t play right now, baby.
I’m scared you will leave me and I will be alone.

Dream with me, Mama!

Mama can’t imagine with you, baby.
My visions, too twisted for your tender heart.

Wake up, Mama!

Mama wants to wake up, baby.
Will you teach me how?


by Annika O’Melia
August 2011 – a few weeks sober & mothering my almost 6 month old



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