Episode 4: Erin’s Story

Please join me to hear Erin’s story of addiction, recovery and of parenting present.

I also share about my vulnerability hangover from going public with both my recovery story and sharing my #MeToo experience on social media. A huge reason I can share my story is because of the privilege I hold in this world we live in. I know not every person is safe or free to share their experience and I try to address this in the beginning of this podcast episode.

I am shamelessly asking friends and family to rate and review my podcast in iTunes and to please subscribe. If you can’t leave a review because it won’t send… try making your nickname something long and complicated. Feel free to share this podcast far and wide. You never know who may be privately dealing with motherhood and addiction.

Thank you for listening. Together we will smash the stigmas surrounding motherhood and addiction. #aintnoshameinmygame #mommingsober

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