Three Easy Steps

Do you want to know the secret to being a happy, energetic & successful supermom?

And do you want to know how you can become that supermom right now?

And do you want to know how you can become that supermom right now and stay that way for always and forever by expending as little energy as possible?

Wait for it….

Wait for it…

The answer: there is no secret. 

Nobody is super all the time.

Growth is usually painful, challenging, and slow.

This is a soapbox blog post. I’m starting to resent the message that there is a magic formula for happiness and that because I haven’t achieved a 24/7 state of bliss and perfect harmony with my kids and the universe that I’m somehow failing at life.

My social media feed is filled with products to make me look better and expert articles to help me live better.

“Attention sleep-deprived mother living in your pajamas and trying to keep everyone alive – You are clearly lacking x, y, and z and I will show you how to achieve x, y, and z in three easy steps.”

Three steps, you say? I guess I will sign up for your mailing list if you can give me x, y, AND z in three easy steps.

What?? You want access to my Facebook profile?

Dang. I can’t let you access my Facebook profile. Then I’ll be that one friend of my moms who is always sending me messages not to accept her friend requests.

I guess I’ll never know the three steps. I could’ve had it all… if only.

Here is what I know from my time as a real person: There is no trick or hack or one right way to do life. You can’t crack the code to parenting. And there is definitely no “quick fix” for what happened to my stomach after I had twins.

I will pause here to say that my friends who share tips on how they feed their families and save time are the exception to this rule. These women are Goddesses. Here’s my one friend’s blog:

My nimble mom friend loves her Instant Pot. I get it. It makes rice in like 30 seconds. But to think that you can just put your spiritual well-being in the Instant Pot and come out with 30 second joy muffins that sustain you for a lifetime is just not right.

Momming is an uphill climb and it looks different for everyone because every mom and every child are unique. Parenting isn’t meant to be stress-free. Motherhood isn’t supposed to be easy. My stomach shouldn’t look the way it did when I was twenty.

What’s my secret?? Accept that life is a beautiful mess. Try not to expect too much. Work hard on spiritual growth. Stop looking at photos on facebook of women who have been able to stockpile enough breastmilk to sustain their future offspring in the Zombie apocalypse. Laugh at this picture of how ridiculously pregnant I was one year ago.


The Stretchy Underbelly of a 35 week Twin Pregnancy (I took this picture because my skin hurt so bad and I wanted to see what was going on down there)


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